Windows Help Desk (Part 2) - AppCleaner backup, Moving partitions to resize them

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4/11/2012 9:42:17 AM

Tech glossary



A feature that detects newly inserted optical discs or connected external drives, offering a series of options for accessing their content quickly.

Disk partitioning This enables a single physical hard drive to be treated like multiple disks by dividing it into two or more self-contained drives or “partitions”.


A command-line tool, aimed at system administrators, that builds on the basic functionality provided in Windows’s own cmd.exe tool.

Quick questions

Is there any way I can delete unwanted photos from my Windows Live SkyDrive account without waiting for Microsoft to remove them?

Log on to, and browse to the folder containing the photo you wish to remove. Click it to view a full-sized version and then click the “Delete” option on the right of the screen, selecting ‘Yes’ when prompted.

Why won’t all my compilation tracks show up on my iPod Touch after I’ve transferred them via iTunes?

Double-click the ‘Compilations’ section under ‘Artists then select all of the tracks inside that folder. Right-click one of them and choose ‘Get info’, then enter Various artists under Album Artist and click ‘OK’ to synchronise the tunes with your mobile device.

I can’t remove PowerShell from Vista, even though I’m following the instructions at Microsoft’s Knowledgebase. PowerShell (KB928439) doesn’t appear in the list.

Kevin followed the instructions to remove version 1.0 of PowerShell, but version 2.0 was installed on his PC. This doesn’t show up as PowerShell under Programs and Features. Instead, he needs to look for an entry marked Windows Management Framework Core (KB96939) and uninstall that.


AppCleaner backup

After using AppCleaner to clean up my computer, I have encountered a number of major problems with applications, drives, the internet and even my Control Panel failing to work correctly. I’ve found what appears to be the AppCleaner backup of my system, but it simply opens in Notepad with no indication of how I can restore it. I hope you can help solve my problem! Nigel Ouston

Our solution

These problems are all symptomatic of AppCleaner’s Registry cleaning component being overzealous, which is why it’s always important to carefully scrutinise all the items a Registry cleaner has identified as redundant entries before allowing it to remove them from your PC.

AppCleaner does back up the Registry before cleaning It. The result is a REG file. Usually double- clicking it resufts in a prompt asking if you’d like to merge its contents with the Registry, but in Nigel’s case it simply opens as a text file in Notepad instead.

You can restore a REG file using Windows’s own Registry Editor tool. To do so, press [Windowsl+[R], type regedit into the “Run” dialog box and click “OK” followed by Yes’ or ‘Continue’ if prompted. When Registry Editor opens, select “File> Import”, browse to your My Documents folder and double-click the Registry backup file made by AppCleaner - it’ll be named backup_<date>_<time> with the date and time it was taken.

Registry Editor will attempt to re import the keys backed up. You may get an error message about some keys not being imported, which can be safely ignored. Once done, restart your computer. Nigel was pleased to report that this resolved the issues with his PC.

Description: A Take Care: Omit the Registry cleaner portion of AppCleaner to prevent problems

                  A Take Care: Omit the Registry cleaner portion of AppCleaner to prevent problems

Moving partitions to resize them

After following the step-by- step guide on moving and shrinking partitions, I tried shrinking my data partition (F:) to give space back to my system partition (C:), but it won’t let me allocate any of the space I’ve freed up. Why is this happening? Ben Page

Our solution

Usually, when you shrink a partition, you take space from the right of it. Because drive C is situated to the left of your data partition, the free space isn’t accessible.

Description: Moving partitions to resize them

  1. Install required software

 If you don’t have the disk partitioning tutorial from issue 61, you need to download and install Partition Wizard Home Edition from Let the program launch.                        

  1. Resize data partition

Select your data partition and then click “Move/resize partitions” under “Operations” in the left-hand window. If you’ve not already resized the data partition, use the slider to free up space to the left of it as shown above.                        

  1. Move data partition

If you’ve already resized the partition, you’II see the unallocated space appear on its right. Click on the middle of the partition and drag it to the right so the unallocated space appears on its left Click “OK” then click “Apply”.                            

  1. Resize drive C

Wait while the partition is moved and resized. This may take some time if there is data on the partition. The unallocated space should now appear between both partitions and can be given back to drive C.


Tech glossary



A technology designed to speed up Windows on low-memory computers by making use of the extra storage provided by removable USB drives or memory cards.


This is a special folder in Windows that’s full of useful shortcuts. It can be accessed easily by right-clicking a file or folder.

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