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Tuning Windows Vista’s Performance : Optimizing Virtual Memory
No matter how much main memory your system boasts, Windows Vista still creates and uses a page file for virtual memory. To maximize page file performance, you should make sure that Windows Vista is working optimally with the page file.
Tuning Windows Vista’s Performance : Optimizing the Hard Disk
Windows Vista uses the hard disk to fetch application data and documents as well as to store data in the page file temporarily. Therefore, optimizing your hard disk can greatly improve Windows Vista’s overall performance.
Undoing the AutoComplete Nightmare, Images of Filth and Perversion
To remove unwanted items from the AutoComplete memory, you must bonk it on the head and cause some severe memory loss. It's okay; the computer will survive.
Windows 7 : The Process of Troubleshooting Hardware Issues & How to Diagnose Hardware Problems
Before installing new peripherals, refer to your motherboard and device manuals for helpful information, including safety precautions, firmware configuration, and expansion slot or memory slot locations.
Windows 7 Improvements for Hardware and Driver Troubleshooting
The Windows Troubleshooting Platform, new to Windows 7, is an extensible infrastructure for automated diagnosis of software and hardware problems. If you used Windows Network Diagnostics in Windows Vista, you're familiar with how Windows Troubleshooting Platform works.
Backing Up with the dump Utility (part 2) - What a dump Backup Looks Like
This section explains one primary difference between dump and its cousins, tar and cpio. dump writes a table of contents at the beginning of each volume while tar and cpio do not.
Backing Up with the dump Utility (part 1) - Syntax of the dump Command & The Options to the dump Command
For many environments, dump may be all you need to ensure good-quality backups. There’s a lot of controversy surrounding dump, though, stemming from the fact that it doesn’t access the data through the filesystem the way most other backup utilities do. dump accesses the filesystem device directly. T
Windows 7 : Using Volume Activation (part 2) - Volume Activation Scenarios
Each Volume Activation method is best suited to a particular network configuration. To select the best activation method or methods for the organization, assess the network environment to identify how different groups of computers connect to the network.
Windows 7 : Using Volume Activation (part 1) - Activation Options & Key Management Service
Some editions of Windows 7, such as Windows 7 Enterprise, are available only through the Volume Licensing channel. OEM Activation is applicable to computers purchased through OEM channels with Windows installed.
Deploying and Administering Windows Vista : Understanding Windows Vista Installation
Microsoft has significantly changed the installation process. Previously, numerous configuration screens were presented during installation, prompting for which components to install and other information to customize the installation.
Deploying and Administering Windows Vista : Selecting Windows Vista Editions & Choosing a Deployment Type
The most logical first choice in planning a Windows Vista deployment is to decide which edition or editions of Vista are to be used. With Windows 2000 and XP there was not much of a decision to be made — if you wanted to simply operate in a domain environment, Professional was the only choice.
Tuning Windows Vista’s Performance : Optimizing Applications
Running applications is the reason we use Windows Vista, so it’s a rare user who doesn’t want his applications to run as fast as possible. The next few sections offer some pointers for improving the performance of applications under Windows Vista.
Tuning Windows Vista’s Performance : Optimizing Startup
If your startup time is unbearably long, you’ll certainly be more inclined to leave your computer running all the time. Fortunately, Windows Vista has made great strides on improving startup times, which now routinely measure in seconds instead of minutes.
Windows 7 : Resolving Software Configuration and Compatibility Issues
If a program that fails is known to be compatible with Windows 7, the failure is typically the result of a faulty configuration. In this case, resolving the issue requires you to review the program settings to pinpoint the configuration error causing the problems experienced.
Windows 7 : Windows Sound Recorder & Volume Control
Sound Recorder has been included with Windows since its earliest days. It is not feature rich by any stretch of the imagination—in fact, it enables you only to record an audio file and save it to the hard drive on your computer.
Windows 7 : Scanning Documents with Windows Fax and Scan
Fax and Scan doesn’t let you drag and drop files, which is sort of annoying. It’s sometimes easier to work with scanned files using Windows Explorer. You’ll find the files under My Documents, inside the Scanned Documents folder.
Windows 7 : Sending Faxes from Windows Fax and Scan
If the fax modem doesn’t detect a dial tone, it can’t work. Make sure the RJ-11 telephone cable is properly connected to the fax modem and to the phone jack. Some fax modems use a pair of RJ-11 ports, one for the phone line and one to permit a telephone to piggyback on the modem to share a line when the modem is not in use.
Windows 7 : Configuring the Fax Service
If you regularly send faxes to conventional fax machines (which usually have resolution of no more than 200dpi), a 10-pt. font is a little too small for easy reading.
Tuning Windows Vista’s Performance : Monitoring Performance
Performance optimization is a bit of a black art in that every user has different needs, every configuration has different operating parameters, and every system can react in a unique and unpredictable way to performance tweaks.
Tuning Windows Vista’s Performance : Vista’s Performance Improvements
Certain computer pastimes—hardcore gaming, software development, database administration, and digital video editing, to name just a few—require hardware help to maximize performance.
Windows Sysinternals : Windows Core Concepts - Sessions, Window Stations, Desktops, and Window Messages
The descriptions of several of the Sysinternals utilities—including Process Explorer, Process Monitor, PsExec, AdInsight, Desktops, and LogonSessions—refer to terminal services sessions, session IDs, the “console session,” and “session 0”; interactive and noninteractive window stations; and other programs running on the “same desktop.”
Windows Sysinternals : Windows Core Concepts - Call Stacks and Symbols
Several Sysinternals utilities—including Process Explorer, Process Monitor, and VMMap—can display details about the code paths being executed at a particular point in time called call stacks.
Windows Sysinternals : Windows Core Concepts - Administrative Rights
Windows NT has always had a rich access control model to protect sensitive system resources from modification by or disclosure to unauthorized entities. Within this model, user accounts are typically given Administrator rights or User rights.
Overview of Process Management in Microsoft Visio 2010 (part 4)
Microsoft Visio has had, for several versions, a useful Save As Web feature that creates a mini-website, complete with widgets for pan and zoom, Shape Data, and shape reports.
Overview of Process Management in Microsoft Visio 2010 (part 3) - Validation of process diagrams
Some of the Validation API can be accessed via the Process tab on the Diagram Validation group, but there is more that is available only to developers, thus enabling you to automate some tasks if necessary.
Overview of Process Management in Microsoft Visio 2010 (part 2) - New process flow templates
There are two new process flow diagram templates in addition to the Six Sigma Diagram template, in the Flowchart category of Visio 2010 Premium edition that include their own validation rules.
Overview of Process Management in Microsoft Visio 2010 (part 1)
In this article, you will be introduced to the new features that have been added to Microsoft Visio to support structured diagrams and validation. You will see where Visio fits in the Process Management stack, and explore the relevant out of the box content.
Windows 7 : Working with Scanners and Cameras (part 2) - Manipulating Pictures in Windows Media Player & Printing Your Masterpiece
Unless you are a perfect shot every time you click the shutter, there will inevitably be times where the photos you take with your digital camera can use some touching up—anything from removing red eye to cropping out unnecessary portions of the photograph.
Windows 7 : Working with Scanners and Cameras (part 1) - Using Windows Pictures Library with a Digital Camera, Scanner
The Windows Pictures Library allows you to scan images from a scanner, copy images from a digital still camera, or import a movie from a supported video camera. Almost any modern imaging device is supported by Windows Pictures Library.
Windows 7 : Understanding and Resolving Installation Failures (part 2) - Understanding Installation Restrictions with AppLocker
AppLocker rules are enforced on computers running only Windows Server 2008 R2, Windows 7 Ultimate, and Windows 7 Enterprise. AppLocker rules are not enforced on computers running other versions of Windows, such as Windows Server 2008, Windows 7 Professional, or Windows Vista.
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